Screen Education Edinburgh is a founding member of Film Access Network Scotland (FANS) a consortium of leading film education, moving image and media access organisations that work with young people and the wider community across Scotland, both within the formal and informal education sector, working within the framework of the curriculum for excellence.

FANS organisations have a rich and diverse history of engaging with people at all stages of their learning journey, from initial experiential tasters, to long term personal and artistic development programmes, to progressing new talent into the Industry.

The founding members of FANS are:
Media Education
Plantation Productions
Screen Education Edinburgh
Voice Of My Own (VOMO)


Screen Education Edinburgh is also a member of MITA – Moving Image Training Alliance, a network for independent training providers in the moving image sector established in 2007.

Mita have a remit to raise the profile of the sector and increase awareness of the contribution it makes. Represent the interests of independent training providers to government, policy makers and funding bodies. Support its members to collaborate, network and share best practice.

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