Screen Education Edinburgh was funded by Scottish Film Education to deliver a pilot of the Moving Image Arts (MIA) Northern Irish GCSE and A Level qualifications in Edinburgh as a development and progression of our existing programmes.

Moving Image Arts is an Applied Subject which examines the history, techniques and creative impact of film and equips students to make their own films, informed by that knowledge and those skills. The qualification is developed and accredited by the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) in Northern Ireland. Screen Education Edinburgh are currently the only organisation in Scotland offering young people this opportunity.

12 students sat the GCSE qualification, which involves three components. Component 1: An end of year exam, Component 2: five practical assignments covering Storyboarding, Camera & Editing, Sound Design and Animation and Component 3: Planning and Making a Moving Image Product.

6 students sat the AS Level qualification, which involves two components: Unit AS 1: Moving Image Arts Creative Production: Foundation Portfolio and AS 2: Moving Image Arts Critical Response. The portfolio is a year long development of a five minute short film including researching techniques, producing experimental films, developing a screenplay and producing a final film. Unit 2 involves an end of year exam.

For the current Academic year 2016-17, SEE are progressing 17 young people through the MIA AS Level, culminating in an exam period in May.

Applications for MIA As level 2017/2018 are currently closed.

For inquires about Moving Image Arts please contact Brian Robinson here

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