Cashback for Creativity is part of the Scottish Government’s CashBack for Communities initiative, managed by Creative Scotland which uses monies recovered through the Proceeds of Crime Act to benefit Scotland’s young people.

CashBack at Screen Education Edinburgh is a high quality learning experience offering a pathway of progression in film for young people aged 10-24 living in areas of deprivation across Edinburgh.

We also aim to work with those not in education, employment or training, those at risk of being excluded, those at risk of involvement in anti-social, offending or re-offending behaviour and young people affected by crime.

The programme has four elements;

Taster session:  This is a 4 hour session introducing the art from. The session includes watching films made by young people around their age, a practical session introducing camera and sound, an introduction to screen writing/production/drama/acting and editing and finished by watching the assembled shorts.

Access Course: A course aimed at younger participants who will learn the basic film theory and making skills, as well as producing a music video or shotgun short film. Participants will be supported to progress toward the Film Introduction Course.  Total course length is 24 hours usually delivered over 6 sessions.

Film Introduction: An introductory film making course with participants receiving a solid grounding in film theory and making. Young People produce their own film which is screened to family and friends at the end of the course. Participants also do the Arts Award Explore level. Total course length is 30 hours over a maximum of 10 sessions.

Next steps: This is a progression from the Introduction to Film course only. Participants receive more advanced film theory and making knowledge and skills, as well as producing films shot on location. Participants also do the Arts Award Bronze level.  Course length is 4 months.

Progression support towards further study and/or support into the workplace is at the heart of the programme for all participants.

For enquires about CashBack for Creativity please contact Dina Subasciaki here

Click here to watch our CashBack for Creativity Films

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