The Superheroes of North Edinburgh Childcare

Our recent project with the After School Club at North Edinburgh Childcare introduced two new superheroes to the world: Rapid & The Portal!



The 12-week long project brought together primary school pupils from several after school clubs in the North Edinburgh area, who all learned how to write, shoot and edit their first film. The ambitious group decided to create a superhero film, featuring two new heroes with the power of speed and teleportation!



Megan Dickson- North Edinburgh Childcare:

“It has been a pleasure working with Brian from Screen Ed over the last few months. He has really engaged with our children and has made learning to make a film fun and enjoyable. Children who participated enjoyed having the opportunity to create a film from scratch using all their own ideas and being able to use all the professional film equipment. This has been a great experience for all children who participated.

Here is what our children enjoyed about participating in the film project:

  • “I loved doing the film project and liked that I got to try something new, I would love to do something like this again.”  (O)
  • “I liked the actual filming bit and learning how to make a movie. I liked using all the equipment and being in charge of the clapperboard.” (A)
  • “It was a great experience, I liked the acting and the editing the film the best. I was nervous when I started to act but then I really enjoyed doing it and was so proud to show it to my family when it was finished.” (S)
  • Parent feedback- “Thanks very much for giving my daughter the opportunity to be involved in this. There’s been such a difference in her confidence since she started this film project and we’ve noticed at home that she’s speaking to us  a lot more telling us how much she has been enjoying herself. We’re hoping to get her involved in some sort of drama club so she can keep doing stuff like this.”
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