Edinburgh Schools Film Competition 2016

Now in its eighth year, the Edinburgh Schools Film Competition is widening its reach in 2016 to include films made by young people across Edinburgh and the Lothians.

If you are aged 18 or under and living within Edinburgh, East Lothian, Mid Lothian or West Lothian you are now eligible to enter. The Competition is split into two strands: Secondary Schools and Nursery/Primary Schools (Special Schools are included within the appropriate age range). Please note that individual young people are allowed to enter outwith school so long as the films made are all their work.

The Edinburgh Schools Film Competition is a partnership between Screen Education Edinburgh, Edinburgh International Film Festival and Arts & Creative Learning, City of Edinburgh Council.

This exciting expansion is due to high demand. With engagement in film and moving image education expanding across the region it is only right that the Edinburgh Schools Film Competition expand along side it. Our hope is that by opening up the competition to a wider catchment we will enable inclusion, equality and diversity across the Lothians.



Details on how to submit your film to Competition are at the end of this post:

Submitted films are viewed and selected by a Youth Jury made up of pupils from high schools across Edinburgh who are supported to curate the programme and awards ceremony by Screen Education Edinburgh. This programme is then presented at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in June along side some of the most talented and revered filmmakers in the world; making this an excellent opportunity for any budding Tarantino or Campion.

Last year over 140 films were entered. The Young Jurors selected the final 46 films which were screened at the Festival with awards given to best of categories. Last year’s Secondary School winner Eilidh Dewer from Broughton High School said:

“The schools competition is a great way to get your work out there and meet new people who like the same things you do. Entering your film into the competition really is such a grand first step for putting you on the right track for a career in film. I would say that winning last year was my greatest achievement in life so far.”

The Competition categories are:


  • Best Animation
  • Best Original Narrative
  • The Creativity Award
  • The Group Effort Award
  • Best Documentary (Animation or Live Action)
  • Best Film


  • Best Story
  • Best Composition
  • Technical Achievement Award for Excellence in Camera, Sound and Editing.
  • Best Acting
  • Best Art Design
  • Best Film Made by S1-3
  • Best Film

The competition really is open to everyone and we encourage all schools to get involved. In previous years we have had animations from nurseries, awareness videos, comedy sketches, dramas, music videos, film trailers and every other genre you can think of. This is a celebration of film, filmmaking and education, so anything you are doing please send in.

Edinburgh Schools FIlms Competition, June 19, EIFF 2015, Photographer: Lloyd Smith, © EIFF, Edinburgh International Film Festival All Rights Reserved

Edinburgh Schools FIlms Competition, June 19, EIFF 2015, Photographer: Lloyd Smith, © EIFF, Edinburgh International Film Festival All Rights Reserved

The deadline for submitting films is 5pm on Monday 25th April for all entries.

If you have any questions please contact: ????

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